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Carona Virus – Covid-19 FAQ

Carona Virus – COVID-19 FAQ Update

This is a difficult time for everyone and many peoples lives are being faced with an impossible situation. I hope everyone is staying safe and following all the recent Government guidance.

Mr & Mrs Wedding Letters


Will you still photograph our wedding?

Yes, I’m available to talk and help out wherever possible and I am committed to all my existing bookings, subject to Government guiadance and legislation following this Carona Virus/Covid 19 outbreak.

The Corona Virus has impacted my Wedding date and plans, What can I do?

There are a few ways you can go about it and the main one is to reschedule or postpone your date. You don’t have to lose your wedding, or your chosen suppliers but your date may have to change for circumstances out of everyone’s control.

I understand this is stressful, but I’m here to help as much as I can. There are many venues and suppliers I have spoken to who are all more than willing to help all their couples through this difficult time. 

Wedding Insurance

If you have to cancel, postpone your wedding you should get in touch with your wedding insurance to discuss your position in relation to your policy. They will let you know your next steps which will help when you get in touch with your venue and your suppliers.

Our Suggestion what you should do next.

1. Get in touch with your venue and collate a list of new dates from them. The more dates you can choose from the better.

2. Get a list of all your suppliers together, and email them or call them to find out what dates they can do. All wedding suppliers are going to be busy rescheduling many dates so this may be a time consuming part of the process.

3. Find the new date that everyone can reschedule to and get written confirmation from your venue and all suppliers.

Important details from us

I will not be charging any additional booking fee’s for you to transfer your wedding photography bookings as it originally states in your contract. This re-booking fee will not need to be paid for any weddings affected by Carona Virus/ Covid 19 and Government regulation at this current time.

I can transfer your booking subject to availability, so get in touch as soon as you can, to discuss your new dates for availability.

Most importantly I’m here to help as best I can. I’ve rescheduled non essential work and my personal holidays to ensure maximum availability for the rest of 2020 and 2021 in order to accommodate your new dates as best I can.

If I am unavailable for your new date and you can’t change your date to one where I am available then unfortunately this is the same as cancelling us and we won’t process a refund for cancellation and will follow the original terms and conditions set out in your contract/booking form. Your wedding insurance should be able to support you if this is the case. Best to get in touch to see how your policy covers you.

If we are able to reschedule your wedding date then we simply ask that you stick to your original payment schedule as detailed in your original invoice and booking form terms and conditions.

I’m here to talk and help where I can

Contact Us

I’m here to talk should you need to get in touch.

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